Carstensz trekking

Carstensz trekking


Trekking Carstensz Pyramid Expedition via Sugapa Village, District “INTAN JAYA” above 2,200m.
with trekking you will get a real adventure experience, at once can see and enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains and the hills are very stunning, tribal and local culture.
Trekking via Sugapa to base camp (camp lakes valley) 4.300m and trekking back takes 12 days walking distance. (6 days – trekking to camp 6 / Valley lakes, 2 days – acclimatization and Summit day, 4 days – trekking back to Sugapa).
on the way from camp to camp (camp 1 to camp 6) see the program below, every day takes 6to7 hours walking. And In Journey to the camp you will receive such a challenge; through the jungle, mud, river, the roots, tree bridges, rain, wind and snow.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Denpasar-Bali / Denpasar-Bali
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive no later than by 8:00 PM

Our service starts per arrival in Denpasar BALI (1 night 5*hotel),
and finish after expedition and return to Bali plus 1 night.

Here’s our straight itinerary
*Day 1, : Welcome dinner in Bali
*Day 2, : 11.00pm check out. 00.15am fly to Timika. 07.00am arrival in Timika. gear check etc.
*Day 3,: Charter flight fr Timika to Sugapa-Bilogai airstrip. -Porters arrangement.
-By motor cycle (12 minutes) from Sugapa to Suanggama (last village).
*Day 4, :Trekking from Suanggama to Camp I
*Day 5, :Trekking from Camp I to Camp II (Enda Tsiga)
*Day 6, :Trekking from Camp II to Camp III (Ebay)
*Day 7, :Trekking from Camp III to Camp IV (Nasidome)
*Day 8, :Trekking to Carstensz Base Camp / Aclimatization
*Day 9, :Carstensz Climb / Summit day
*Day10, :Base camp – Nasidome
*Day11, :Nasidome – Enda Tsiga *passing Ebay – the shortest trek*
*Day12, :Enda Tsiga – Camp I Riverside
*Day13, :Camp I Riverside – Sugapa
*Day14, :Fly out to NABIRE
*Day15, : fly to Bali via Kaimana-Ambon-Makassar or Jayapura (route
depends on available flight at that period).
*Day 16-18, : Preserve days for bad weather, flight delay, etc.