100% successful - so do not hesitate join us

We want to show you all who are planning to do an expedition to carstensz pyramid with photo evidence below.

Please see our experience photo from year to year with famous travel agent company in the world.


In the year 2017 we have done 6 times special expedition Carstensz Pyramid

from March to December and all 100% successful

6th trip in December 2017

5th trip in October 2017

4th trip in October 2017

3rd trip in October 2017

2nd trip September - October 2017

1st trip in Marc- April 2017

Carstensz in Oct/Nov 2016

Private Group from 7Summits-club russia

Carstensz on Oct/Nov 2016

Private Group from Kobler & Partner

Carstensz in April 2016

Private Group from "Grade-6" Brasil