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Welcome to CARSTENSZ PYRAMID EXPEDITION the most popular expedition in Indonesia
Carstensz Pyramid Expedition
Carstensz Schedule 2015
Carstensz Trekking Via Sugapa
Carstensz By Hellicopter

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Before you decide to join us we suggest you contact our former clients for Carstensz Expedition
Our guests:
*Mr.Todd Passey
*George Stewart (British)
* Mr.François Guy Thivierge
*Mr.Simon Jhon Edwards (British)
*Mr.Robert Miller
*Mr.herman Tauber
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Carstensz Pyramid Expedition
Welcome to Carstensz Pyramid Expedition,
the most populer Expedition in Indonesia
Thank you for visiting our website ""
Carstensz Expedition is one of the tour operators especially arranged a trip expeditions to the summit of Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia-Papua (Carstensz Pyramid one of the seven summit in the world in the seven continents), with the name of the company (BPW) PT. BERKAT CARSTENSZ INDONESIA. The company established since 2010 until now.

Carstensz Pyramidis the higest mountain in Australia and Oceania. It is the seven summits in the seven summits project (7 Summits on tallest mountain on 7 Continents). Carstensz Pyramid is situated in West Papua ( now named Papua Province Indonesia). This Indonesia Province was called Irian Jaya till2005. It lies in New Guinea, wich is the worlds second largest island. Expedition to Carstensz Pyramid (4,884 m) is one of the most exotic mountaineering trips imaginable. It is considered the highest peak of the seventh continent (Australia/Oceania) for climbers attempting the Seven Summits. reed more (about Carstensz Pyramid)

Carstensz Pyramid Expedition 100% Success in the year 2013

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Expedition to Carstensz Pyramid basecamp there are only two access; Aksess By Trekking and access By helicopter.

1. Trekking Through Sugapa Village, District of Intan Jaya 14 day trek in and trek out.
2. Trekking through Ilaga village, District of Puncak Jaya 14 day trek in and trek out

We are offer expedition by helicopter with two access through from Nabire or from Timika.
1. Expedition by helicopter start from NABIRE "helicopter type Bell 212" with a capacity of only
300 to 350 kg, stop at Enarotali for refueling, and proceed to basecamp 4.300m
2. The expedition by helicopter start from Timika "type of helicopter MI" with a capacity of
3.000kg, fly directly to basecamp 4.300m.

Our team made a cable bridge before reaching the summit of Carstensz Pyramid

Now Access to the summit more easily with the cable bridge.
Depends on you, please select * Tyrolean or Bridge *

Carstensz Expedition by TREKKING Carstensz Expedition by HELICOPTER

Our last trip Carstensz trekking through the village of Sugapa


With Us 100% success climb CARSTENSZ PYRAMID
- Trip I, in April 2015; 6 climbers from the group of 7summits-club
- Trip II, in Jun 2015; 2 Climbers private Expedition with Namche-Outdoor, Travel & climbing Center

Carstensz Expedition Access :
>>Trekking Via Suggapa Village >>Carstensz by Helicopter
>> Carstensz Schedule

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Reach the dream and make success your trip to Carstensz Pyramid . Many reasons to reach a success of this expedition. Our teamwork, our supported team, our experienced and most important thing, Your Trust!! Thank you very much for You Trust. We are only a small expedtion team, but we already made many Carstensz Pyramide Expedition Operator to be
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